"Thought...creating itself as it goes" - Deleuze & Guattari

Welcome to our community

Maridahdi is a small independent school.

When enrolling a child at Maridahdi, parents are acknowledging and committing to a meaningful process of dialogue and joint action in which parents, children and teachers work together in a supportive network.  

Maridahdi belongs not only to your child – but to you as well. Families are welcome anytime to participate in the life of the community. Opportunities include:

  • spending time with your child at Maridahdi
  • assisting staff to extend your child’s interests and abilities by sharing resources and ideas
  • acting as a volunteer
  • joining the Maridahdi council or sub-committees
  • participating in parental discussion forums
  • encouraging a climate of mutual respect, trust and support.

ENROLMENT Process and more information

If you are interested in getting to know Maridahdi or would like to enrol your child, please have a look at the following links on our website:

Maridahdi has a five-stage enrolment process:

  1. Philosophical presentation
  2. Visit the space
  3. Interview
  4. Written submission
  5. Seeing Maridahdi in action.

To start the enrolment process or for more information call us on 07 4635 1413 or complete the form below. We will then discuss fees, more detailed information about our philosophy and discuss how we can support your child at Maridahdi.

Enrolment enquiries and
catch-up at Maridahdi:

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