"Thought...creating itself as it goes" - Deleuze & Guattari

Our philosophy

About Maridahdi

The protagonist for Maridahdi came with the introduction of Prep into Queensland. Parents were concerned about the more formalised, structured approach to the early years.

Maridahdi is a small independent school with enrolments offered from Kindergarten through to Year 6.

Learning environments

Maridahdi has multi-age spaces supported by teaching teams.  To support the ethos, Maridahdi offers a high adult to child ratio.


Community approach

Maridahdi's community approach to education is best supported with this African proverb. 

......."It takes a village to raise a child"

Maridahdi is focused on family!

Maridahdi invites families to be active in the space!


The Australian Curriculum informs the teaching and learning at Maridahdi.

Maridahdi's Reporting and Assessment Policy is a collaborative process between the child, the parents and the teachers.

Children work across curriculum areas in a variety of individual, small group and whole class situations throughout the day. 



Vitality - a strong life force

Risk taking - the ability to risk take in thought and action

Ownership and responsibility

Awareness - of self and others

Thought - "Thought creating itself as it goes", Deleusse and Guitarri

Research in action

Commitment - to innovate

Dynamic and responsive - supporting children accessing possibilities


Communication - the invitation to think out loud

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3-7 Bowtell Street | Toowoomba