"Thought...creating itself as it goes" - Deleuze & Guattari

Louis Bradfield

The thing about our school is that it’s about questioning and challenging and providing a space where in every way the child is at the centre.

Louis Bradfield is the founder and principal of  Maridahdi. Louis has over 28 years in education and constantly looks to put the child at the centre. Louis and the educators at Maridahdi provide a framework to support children explore their interests and capabilities in a supportive and creative environment. 


In Louis' words:

“It has been a bit of a love/hate relationship as I disagree so strongly with some of the paradigms being thrown around and ideas about what is best for the child. Often, I think when people talk about what is best for the child they are really talking about what is best for the adults around those children,” Louis says. 

“When I first started I had this illusion that children were respected. In my experience this is not the case. It is more about control, conformity and pliability. 

Philosophically, I strongly disagree with this and Maridahdi has provided me with a space to explore other paradigms. I am able to explore new ideas and give the energy I think children deserve. 

“Every year the children and families who walk with me at Maridahdi continue to inspire me to explore the potential and possibilities.” 

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